Do I need a doctor's referral for physiotherapy treatment?
No, physiotherapists are primary providers. We actively communicate with our patients GP's, specialists and other health providers and encourage all our patients to in contact with their own GP. Certain insurers sometimes do require you to see a GP before authorising physiotherapy treatment.

Is the cost of physiotherapy covered by medical insurance?
The clinic is registered with most insurance companies please check with your insurer whether the treatment is covered by your policy. Each patient's individual policy and every insurance company has differing clauses.

How many treatments are required for my condition?
This is a tough question as no two people are alike and many factors impact on the final outcome. For example the type and nature of the injury the severity of the problem, your previous history, your goals, your age and your participation in any rehabilitation. If you are seeking physiotherapy through your insurance provider sometimes the amount of sessions are capped – please speak to the physiotherapist if you are concerned.

Do I need to have a "sports injury" to see a physiotherapist?
No we treat all people for all sorts of issues from the professional sports person to grandmothers with a fractured wrists. Physiotherapists specialise in getting people moving to the best of there ability.

How long does a treatment session last?
Generally the initial treatment lasts between 35 – 45 minutes and follow up sessions are between 20 – 30 minutes.

Should I bring my X-rays with me?
Yes and any other relevant medical information also.

What should I wear for treatment?
Loose fitting casual clothing is best. Wear shorts if you have a back, hip, knee or foot injury.